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What is Home Health Care?

Home health care provides the opportunity for you to have a skilled clinician come to your home and partner with you to manage your health care needs, help you understand what to expect after a surgery, and give you peace of mind knowing that you have an expert to turn to during your time of need. All Care Health Solutions can provide a skilled nurse to teach you about your new or existing condition and how to best manage your own care. We are passionately dedicated to giving you the best information, care, and value for your healthcare investment.

Is Home Health Care for You?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a new illness?
  • Has your medication changed recently?
  • Were you hospitalized recently?
  • Do you require skilled nursing services?
  • Do you have difficulty standing up from your favorite chair?

  • Can you put your own socks and shoes on?

  • When you stand up, do you lose my balance?

  • Do you need to hang onto your furniture as you walk through the house?

  • Do you have to rely on someone to bring you your mail because you cannot walk to the mailbox?

  • Have you reduced the number of showers that you take, or have you converted to taking sponge baths because you’re afraid of falling in the shower?

  • Do you need help washing your hair?

  • If you fell, would you need to call for help to get off of the floor, or would you be trapped on the floor waiting for someone to find you?

  • Are you scared of walking outside for fear of falling?
  • Would you rather be cared for at home?

If you answered yes to even a single one of these questions, home health therapy from All Care Health Solutions can help! 
Just give us a call today, and we will assist you in contacting your doctor to get the appropriate prescription for home health therapy.

Don’t put off getting help another day, we can help you increase your independence at home.

What can physical and occupational therapy do for you?

  • – A physical therapist can provide instruction and assistance to improve your walking mechanics
  • – A physical therapist can assist you with improving safety and independence with transferring in and out of bed, standing up from your favorite chair, or getting off the floor if you happen to fall

  • – An occupational therapist can assist you in improving safety and independence with dressing

  • – An occupational therapist can assist you in improving safety and independence with showering

  • – An occupational therapist can provide recommendations for adaptive equipment to improve the safety of your house

  • – Physical therapy and occupational therapy work in conjunction with each other to assist with improving your balance and reducing your risk of falls

  • – Physical therapy and occupational therapy working conjunction with each other to assist with strengthening the muscles of your entire body

Physical therapy has long been thought of as a bridge between illness/injury and wellness. In terms of home health, therapy provides that bridge, but more importantly, it provides an anchor to help you stay independent in your own home.
As we get older, family concerns grow about our ability to safely live independently at home. To the majority of our clients, the goal to live in their own houses or in an assisted living facility, rather than a skilled nursing facility, is their number one focus. Home health physical therapy and occupational therapy can assist you in achieving the dream.
 One of the best aspects of home health is that the therapist come to you. You do not have to find transportation to a clinic, worry about the weather, or feel like you are inconveniencing a loved one by asking for help getting to therapy appointments. Our therapist set up an appointment time with you, and come to your house to provide therapy.

Speech Therapy

We are able to provide high quality speech therapy encompassing a wide variety of needs including:

  • Dysphagia treatment to resolve issues associated with difficulty chewing and/or swallowing. This treatment includes assisting patient and caregivers wit useful strategies and exercises to support safety with intake and may also include electrical stimulation to strengthen pharyngeal muscles.
  • Language and Cognitive therapy helps patients regain the ability to communicate with loved ones and achieve the highest level of independence. Therapy for cognition assists patients and caregivers with strategies and techniques that allow the patient to achieve at completing daily tasks with reduced frustration.

Whether a patient has mild or severe cognitive and/or language difficulties, speech therapy can help by providing patient centered care in the home environment to help patients achieve their highest level of functioning.