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Speech Therapy for Swallowing Disorders

Speech therapy for swallowing disorders at All Care Health Solutions

If you are struggling with a swallowing disorder, you may be in need of speech therapy to trying regain normal function. These issues are typically caused by the inability of the musculature of the throat to adequately move food or liquids from the mouth to the stomach. Fortunately, there are a variety of speech therapy techniques that can be used in order to help restore normal function.

Why Speech Therapy for Swallowing Disorders?

Speech therapy does not cure or address the underlying conditions that produce swallowing disorders, but it can help a person overcome the specific negative effects these conditions may have on their daily activities. Speech therapy may help a person regain their strength and skill in order to properly form and coordinate the muscles used in chewing and swallowing. This can be especially helpful for those who suffer from complications that prevent them from partaking in regular activities such as eating or drinking normally.

Types of Speech Therapy Techniques Used to Treat Swallowing Disorders

The primary goal of speech therapy is to help increase a patient’s ability to safely eat and drink. Common therapies used to help achieve this objective include:

  • Vital Stimulation: Which is a type of neuromuscular electrical stimulation used to decrease spasm and soreness in the throat.
  • Resistive-Expiratory Pressure: Which is a type of breathing exercise designed to help regaining strength and coordination of muscles used in swallowing.
  • Delayed Swallow: Targeted to those with difficulty controlling the muscles of the throat and improves an individual’s ability to follow directions and respond to cues.
  • Swallow Exercises: Designed to strengthen the throat muscles while helping restore their range of motion.
  • Postural Changes: Changes in position while eating or drinking can impact the ability of the throat and musculature surrounding it to move food and liquids.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Swallowing Disorders

Through speech therapy techniques, individuals with swallowing disorders can restore their ability to eat and drink in a safe and healthy manner. Other benefits may include:

  • Increased functionality and ability to swallow.
  • Decreased risk of aspiration due to weak throat muscles.
  • Decreased difficulty chewing food due to weakened jaw muscles.
  • Reduced issues with choking on food or liquids due to excess saliva.


Speech therapy can be a very effective treatment option for those who suffer from a swallowing disorder. With the help of speech therapy, individuals can regain their ability to safely eat and drink, without the risk of choking or aspiration.  If you or your loved one may benefit from an evaluation for speech therapy, please reach out to All Care Health Solutions today!